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The logo bears the philosophical meaning that Mercu Buana founding fathers as well as its future leaders have the commitment and determination to serve their best in alleviating the education quality of the Indonesian people.

The philosophical meaning of the name

The word “Mercu Buana” is derived from  “Mercu” means the tower and “Buana” means the earth. The tower is indicating strong building which serves as lighthouse, while the word “Buana” is the symbol of the society or the people.

It is intrinsically mentioned on the symbol that the University of Mercu Buana shall be the leading university which bring benefits to the nation in achieving prosperous and just society.
The visual meaning of  logo

The visual meaning of the logo is inspired by the flame which consists of three divisions. Those divisions represent three basic philosophies of higher education in Indonesia .i.e. education, research and public services. The educational philosophy is represented by the middle flame, while the research and public services philosophy are indicated by other flames on the right and the left sides.

* The height of the flame represents the dynamic vision of the MBU and the oval design of the symbol is indicating the incisive of MBU ideas.
* The blue color of the flame is chosen purposely to represent the serenity of the MBU motivation in creating qualified and licentious graduates.

Color philosophy

The colors used in the logo are blue, light blue, and green. The dark blue represents maturity and services; light blue symbolizes brightness, good quality, and future prospective ,while green color constitutes wisdom and prosperity.

Campus I Sedayu : Jl. Wates Km. 10 Yogyakarta. Telp: 0274-6498212,6498211, Fax. 0274-6498213
Campus II Gejayan : Jl. Jembatan Merah, No. 84.C. Gejayan, Yogyakarta Telp: 0274-584922, 550703, 550704

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