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Logo Description:

  1. The basis form of University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta logo is oval symbolizing the insistence on upholding the principles of truth and balance.
  2. Visual symbol of the University of Yogyakarta Mercu Buana is the flame which is divided into three sections representing the university Tridharma written underneath University of Mercu Buana of Yogyakarta. Flame in the middle is the highest symbolizes dharma of education, and the two same height flames symbolize the dharma of research and community service.
  3. Flame implies determination and commitment of its founders and successors to provide and make University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta academics as benefits giver for the environment.
  4. Different heights fire symbolizes a dynamic vision, in addition to symbolizes the target can be described and followed up with clearly.
  5. Calm blue flame implies a determination to produce graduates who are qualified and ethical.

Campus I Sedayu : Jl. Wates Km. 10 Yogyakarta. Telp: 0274-6498212,6498211, Fax. 0274-6498213
Campus II Gejayan : Jl. Jembatan Merah, No. 84.C. Gejayan, Yogyakarta Telp: 0274-584922, 550703, 550704

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