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The study programs have been accredited by BAN-PT

National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) is the only accreditation board recognized by the Government of Indonesia and has granted a VERY GOOD  grade (Level  A) for  Psychology, GOOD grade (Level B) for Study Program of  Management, Accounting, Agro-technology, Food Technology, and Industrial Animal Husbandry.Some other programs,however, are still in the processing.

Affordable Tuition

Tuition Fees are very affordable and have installment scheme.Additional  building fees are exempted.

Scholarship for Outstanding Students

Scholarships are provided for those students who get head and shoulder of the others in academics and extracurricular. Among the scholarship given are: Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (PPA), Beasiswa Supersemar, Beasiswa Bantuan Belajar Mahasiswa (BBBM), Beasiswa UMB Yogyakarta (awarded to more than 100 students each  semester), Penelusuran Bibit Unggul (PBU), and Program Beasiswa Berprestasi (PBB).

Access the Internet (Hot Spot)

Students can access the internet on campus for 24 hours using Notebook via WiFi, so that students get the information for free to add insight and knowledge.

Competency-Based Curriculum and Professional Teaching Staff

To produce graduates who are professional and have the excellence and competitiveness, and always develop themselves in the global community. The University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta has developed competency-based curriculum supported by professional lecturers and academic staff  who had completed their Master and Doctor degrees from reputable universities at home and abroad.

Assisted graduate of Finding a Job

 Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta founded Career Center UMB (UMBCC) in charge of helping graduates into the workforce. UMBCC cooperates with more than 300 companies through several ways: Campus Hiring, Website:, Job Expo on campus. In addition to tracing the graduates, UMBCC also give coaching the Final Level Students and Graduates through several Seminars and Career Trainings.

Connect Students with up–to-date workforce challenges

Students provided lectures and practice of entrepreneurship and given insight by inviting people of the profession and users of graduate students to get closer to the world of work.

Modern facilities with the country-side atmosphere

The campus is located in strategic location, easily access using a personal vehicle or public, as well as having a beautiful environment, green, and comfortable. To support student activities provided by Sport Center (Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Badminton) and to bring out the interest and talent provided by the Student Activity Unit (UKM) Center.

Career Development

Career coaching for graduates of the UMB Yogyakarta is intended to increase the added value for UMB Yogyakarta graduates to compete in the world of work. The Career coaching, includes:

  1. Foreign Language Training
  2. Professional Resume Preparation Training (CV) by the Professional Resume Consultant
  3. Internet Job Hunting Training
  4. Training of work culture, motivation, entrepreneurship, etc.

Connect the students to the Workforce

To help the graduates compete in the workforce, UMB Career Center (UMBCC) in collaboration with more than 300 companies in several ways

  1. Campus Hiring, companies that require direct UMB graduates perform in college selection.
  2. Jobsite , companies can advertise jobs and search for UMB graduates according to the criteria required.
  3. Campus Job Expo, UMBCC conduct a job fair by inviting corporate partners to meet and recruit graduates directly UMB Yogyakarta.
  4. Distribute  CV (Curriculum Vitae) to the partner companies.
  5. In cooperation with the Job Portal to channel graduates UMB Yogyakarta.

Graduate Career Services

Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta has UMB Career Center (UMBCC) which serves to foster and enhance the competence of a graduate student in order to compete in the job search, and bring graduates into the workforce and to foster alumni in career advancement.


Campus I Sedayu : Jl. Wates Km. 10 Yogyakarta. Telp: 0274-6498212,6498211, Fax. 0274-6498213
Campus II Gejayan : Jl. Jembatan Merah, No. 84.C. Gejayan, Yogyakarta Telp: 0274-584922, 550703, 550704

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